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Armed Forces Tour: Day 2

Ok up and at em, today we will be rerouted from heading to Brussels to our new destination, Frankfurt, Germany. And just as I suspected we had to cancel the show in Netherlands which also meant canceling radio and press, but most of all I was sick about thinking that I may have disappointed soldiers, their wives, and kiddos who I had come to know through Facebook. :-( I am so sorry to y’all and hope I can make it up to you one day. If there’s one thing we know we can’t control it’s mother nature.

So away we flew on a 7 hour flight to Frankfurt, landing at 5 am German time. Immediately we head over to the empty baggage claim because who in tarnation is up at 5 am at the airport. Nope no one, plus there was probably a total of 30 people on our flight which also meant BONUS you get a whole row to lay out and sleep. …..I digress back to the bags….

Bags bags oh the bags….well you can imagine after changing flight itineraries a zillion times we were a tad nervous and for a good reason. Only 6 of our ten bags made it on our flight….Cue Weeze….Weeze then discovers 2 more bags will be on the next flight and the other 2, well they are in Brussels including guitars and gear…Here is where I cross all my fingers and toes hoping I will see hot pink zebra print rip around the carousel and sure enough I did. Everyone can rest knowing the girls of the group (me and Becca who has fabulous purple leopard print luggage) BOTH of us have our bags. Boys can suffer for a couple days if need be right?

Weeze herds us up like a pack of sheep and we find two more bags at another terminal and we find our tour bus and our amazing driver Mike who has driven everyone I mean EVERYONE who has toured in Europe. From Paul McCartney to Jonny Cash and June, to Toby Keith, you name it!!! Off we went to head to Stuttgart for our first show. (still missing two bags)…But I was really looking forward to getting things rolling!