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Armed Forces Tour: Day 3

We rolled into Stuttgart about 11am checked into the Kelley Hotel on base and I immediately snoozed til about 1pm when we all met back up on the bus and headed into town for a delicious lunch. It was a rainy afternoon but still so beautiful. We had veal and homemade pasta and some sort of purée potato and it was all SO delicious! It was called Alfredos and he treated us like family. We walked around the town a little bit then hopped back on the bus and headed for the venue to unload our gear. Fab our sound engineer for the tour has also been doing the Armed Forces Ent tours for many years and is incredibly knowledgable and helpful!! After we unloaded all our gear we went back to our rooms and tried our best to stay awake until about 9pm ha! Remember we had an 8 hour time change to get used to!