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Armed Forces Tour: Day 5

Well today we got to do some really great sight seeing! Everybody knows that Germany is very famous for all of its incredible castles and we got to visit one of its most precarious ones located on the side of a cliff! Lichenstein ( I probably spelled that wrong) was old, very old, and part of it dated back to the 1300′s. We were able to tour the inside and the snowy grounds.

After our castle visit (sorry there was no pictures allowed inside) we went down the hill to an authentic German restaurant and all enjoyed some real German cuisine. I ordered the grilled meatloaf, and ended up with something that looked like a slice of spam, but tasted amazing!

Next stop on the way back to the base, was the Mercedes Benz museum. It was really neat seeing all of the old cars…tons of history.

Ok we are off to Kosovo tomorrow! Have no idea what to expect, I have a feeling we are leaving life’s comforts behind for a few days :-)