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Dark at 6pm!

Hi Yall!! The fall is upon us which means it gets dark at 6pm, and here on the ranch, everything has to be done by then, feeding the bulls, horses, cats, and dogs! That also means I GET to eat dinner earlier Yum! With that said cold weather and the winter is almost upon us, time to break out the boots, scarves, and coats… well the boots are always out, so at least the other cold weather stuff needs to be dusted off. I don’t mind the winter, something about it is very cozy to me, the fireplace, the twinkling Christmas lights, the sweet potato pie with marshmallows on top, the homemade pumpkin pies, the smell of pine, LOVEEEEEE it! I’m also REALLY excited because this year I am releasing a Christmas song, and its one of my favs!!! Can’t wait for y’all to hear it, until then, take a looksie at a few recent photos from one of my shows, the BMI Awards, and me brushing Asteroid the PBR World Champion Bull for 2012 (spoiled bull) !!  🙂