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Here we go…again!

So yes it has been announced that a season 2 of Texas Women is in the works! It will air this spring on CMT. I know it was a long wait for all of us to get the green light but let me say I know this season will be amazing. We have an incredible support group for our show that wants only the best for all of us. Here is a photo of all the girls celebrating at some fancy shmancy LA restaurant.  We had the chef write in chocolate on a plate which was dripping down the longer I held it up. If you look close you can see chocolate on my fingers from where I was trying to fix it up again!


Sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince right? I think that goes for many aspects of our lives, not just talking about relationships, but for me it applies to my career as well. I have had many ups and downs, and I’ll share those with you on season 2. There have been a lot of amazing leaps and bounds, and not so amazing trips and falls if you will. But I do think its those times we are struggling to get back up that make us better right? I mean “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger” and I have to say, thought its an overused cliche, not many words have held as much truth.

With all that said, if it feels like you have been a target, be sure to keep moving!! It makes the shot much tougher…

Love yall and see ya soon on the boob tube!!!

PS Check out the new merchy merch would ya?? 🙂