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It Ain’t

I am very excited for y’all to hear the brand new single, “It Ain’t.” The story behind this song is pretty neat. When the band and I were overseas entertaining our troops, we visited many bases across Europe, from Kosovo to Germany, to the UK. When we were at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, I asked the troops to help me with what I would release as my next single. It Ain’t got an overwhelming response, so I knew this song was it! So its certified and approved from the men and women serving in our military overseas 😉 Hope y’all like it, and I would LOVE it if you called in your local country radio station and requested “It Ain’t.” Happy Trails!

xoxo, Ali Dee

PS. Here’s a few pics from our tour!

DSCx0058 - Award Presentation at Bondsteel DSCx0060 - Bondsteel Autographs DSCx0066 - With Troops at Bondsteel (2) DSCx0136 (2)-Autographs at Grafenwoehr