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My life keeps rollin’ along…


Can I first of all say THANK YOU to the man who fixed my air conditioning today, its in the mid 90s and I have had no AC for 3 days…I almost pitched a tent in the yard to catch some breeze….almost 🙂 I hope everyone has enjoyed the second season of Texas Women so far. Its been fun sharing my journey on TV and I like that yall get to meet Cory too. Isnt he the bee’s knees?? His true cowboy spirit and values are something that I find endearing and he has taught me a lot about taking it easy in life. My new single, Sweet Southern Song, really represents a lot of that and the way we choose to live our lives…Have you had a chance to hear it? You should check it out on itunes and let me know what you think here! Hope yall are staying cool, as it looks like we are already teetering on summer temperatures here in Texas. At least we had a longer spring then I have ever experienced here…now if only my tomato plants would grow fasterrrrrr!!!! Im ready for homemade salsa!!

Happy Trails,