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One Stop Country compares Ali Dee to June Carter

One Stop Country Reviews Ali Dee – “Just A Broken Heart”

There are always grumblings in the country music world about what is wrong, what needs to change, and what needs to stay the same. These debates have been going on since Hank Williams added drums, Alabama was too pop, and today’s music is way too pop and rock and not enough country. All of that brings us to “Just A Broken Heart,” the new song from Ali Dee. The toe-tapping, front porch type of down home sound that has been missing for the most part from today’s country music is laced throughout the song from the get go when the whistles set the tone. From here, it is the lyrics that grab you as they focus on a broken heart with a tongue and cheek type of feel as they explore ending up with the wrong guy and taking the blame for it and using fun lines like “went from x’s and o’s to just an ex that I used to know” to describe the feelings of being dumped…again! The song overall gives us something different then today’s norm while also retaining a classic feel in that it is reminiscent of a modern era version of something like June Carter would have done in her quirky and fun era. Ali Dee gives us a comedic type of song that really says something deeper but finds the perfect ways to dip it into enough wit and sarcasm to make this a very compelling tune. Here’s to the hope that radio will give this a spin and let the listeners decide if this is the change in country music that they are wanting because I am pretty certain it is. Full article can be found HERE.